What is modular hosting?

We take the best services and hardware available, buy them in bulk, and build a lightning fast, scalable and redundant solution for our customers to share. Our goal is to leverage the scale of economies to give even the smallest business access to the bleeding edge technology at a fair price.



Why don't you use your own hardware?

There are so many giants in the technology space that have already built the infrastructure you need at a scale that traditional hosting companies can not match. Amazon and Microsoft are example of companies that have built on demand infrastructures that are unrivaled. We build solutions to give our customers the best of class hardware and to maximize their ROI.

Why can't I just buy directly from your service providers?

The services we buy are not ready out of the box. They require setup and technical know how. We have have done all of the research and training to give you access to the best solutions without the initial overhead, long term cost of training, in-house technologist; saving you thousand of dollars and hundreds of man hours. We also buy it in bulk which further drives down your cost.



How do you build your solutions?

We have put together a world class solution by:

Purchasing services in bulk
Tailoring those services into one solution
Building an in house team of experts
We negotiate with the service provider to bring down cost. We play the sales game so you don't have to.

Our strength is in our knowledge. Purchasing our solution gives you access to bleeding edge technology built and managed by experts.

What is included?

1 website
Unmetered bandwidth
99.99% uptime
Redundant and secure network
Security monitoring
IN House Support. We do not outsource.

Live monthly free webinars on topics including but not limited to Wordpress, SEO, Email campaigns, plugins, lead generation...


I want to sign-up for your service but I still have an active hosting plan.

No problem. We will give you a credit for the remaining balance of your hosting plan to use with our design team or our SEO team.


Our Promise to you

We promise to always listen to your business needs and only offer you what will benefit you the most. We will never upsell you or offer a service that will not directly affect your ROI.

We want you to be our biggest fan. A good reference is the highest compliment.